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Professional Development - Online Options   

Enhance your productivity at work by upgrading your knowledge, and gaining technical or software skills. Our professional development courses are short-term with high impact, typically completed in 24 hours, and improve your advancement potential in your current career.

Top Online Courses: Creating WordPress Websites | Keys to Effective Communication | Accounting Fundamentals Series | A to Z Grant Writing | Quickbooks 2019

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Gain a new skill to add value and advance in your current job or transfer to another area. FLCC has full catalogs of online courses designed to help you gain the skills you need to succeed! Check out these additional options:

Top Online Course Descriptions:

Creating WordPress Websites

3 Month Access / 24 Course Hours / $119.00

Create attractive, sophisticated blogs and websites without any coding! This course provides hands-on experience creating web pages and posts, adding images and videos, changing a site's look and feel, and working with user-friendly features.

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Keys to Effective Communication

3 Month Access / 24 Course Hours / $119.00

Become more confident, make great first impressions, get along with others, and create better personal and professional relationships. This course provides a step by step process to become a great conversationalist as you use communication to build rapport and create trust, warmth, and respect.

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A to Z Grant Writing

6 Week Access / 24 Course Hours / $119.00

Learn the ins and outs of grant writing from a veteran grant writer. This course will provide the experience and skills you need to become a successful grant writer as you learn to put together stand-out proposals that will encourage funds from donors.

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Quickbooks 2019 Series

This Suite includes 2 courses: Introduction to Quickbooks 2019 and Intermediate Quickbooks 2019. Each course has 6 week Access/ 24 hours, totaling 48 hours / $199.00

Understanding QuickBooks is one of the top skills a small business owner needs to successfully run their business. If you are a busy professional that wants to oversee your bookkeeping and accounting, the QuickBooks 2019 Series will teach you how to use this popular accounting software.

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Accounting Fundamentals Series

This Suite includes 2 courses: Accounting Fundamentals and Accounting Fundamentals II. Each course has 6 week Access / 24 hours, totaling 48 hours / $199.00

Whether you're a sole proprietor looking to manage your business finances or you simply want to gain an understanding of accounting basics for career advancement or for personal use, the courses in this bundle will give you a solid foundation in financial matters. If you're interested in increasing your financial awareness while also gaining a marketable skill, this series of courses is perfect for you.

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Professional Development to broaden and deepen your marketability today and tomorrow. Want to learn a new skill to enhance your productivity at work, update your knowledge, or try something completely new? These short-term high-impact courses are selected for you.

Looking for additional courses that are not listed? FLCC has full catalogs of online courses that can get you well on your way toward gaining the skills that you need to succeed! Check out our Professional Development Catalog or the Career Courses Catalog to browse options or search for exactly what you are looking for!

Please REGISTER by going directly to the orange Register Now! button by the course you would like OR browse additional options in the links above. Questions? Contact FLCC Workforce & Career Solutions at or 585-785


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