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Picking the President 2020: "Here We Go Again!"  

It’s “Show Time” in our quadrennial exercise to pick a national leader. And as weird and zany as this election cycle has been so far, it will probably get even stranger and more unpredictable in the four months leading up to November. As a nation, we are more polarized politically than we have ever been, with about 80% of us living in either solid Red or solid Blue states. Thus, this election will once again come down to the 6 to 8 battleground states (and possibly the handful of additional swing states). Will we have live national party conventions? Or will they be “virtual”? Will President Trump be able to hold together the coalition of voters that won him the Presidency in 2016? Will Vice President Biden get a new make-up artist to make him look younger, and a new speech therapist/policy advisor to reduce his gaffes and mental lapses? Will the President continue to have only a casual relationship with truth and the facts in his Tweets and public pronouncements? Will the Former V.P. learn how to read his teleprompter while campaigning from his home basement? Will Bernie and his Sandernistas again sit out the campaign as they did in 2016? Or will they rally around Joe? Will this election boil down to a referendum on how the White House handles the pandemic? Or will we be entertained with new “he says -she says” sex scandals? Join us for insights and behind-the-scenes analysis of the candidates, campaigns, SuperPACs and fund-raising, TV and digital advertising and earned media, and BOTG and GOTV efforts - all with a healthy dose of political incorrectness.


Picking the President 2020: "Here We Go Again!"
Presenter: David Hess Member tuition: $35.00
Sessions: 4 W F – 9/2/2020-11/18/2020 Time: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Location: Online- OLLI from your Home , NH
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Class dates are W 9/2, W 10/14, F 10/30, W 11/18, from 10-Noon.

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