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Restructuring American Democracy  

When it comes to the functions of ordinary government, American Democracy is dysfunctional. Since the two major parties disagree on practically everything, what gets done is whatever is favored by the leadership of the current party in power. The first session of this class will discuss how we got here, starting with the original intentions of the framers of our constitution and then focusing on the last sixty years. The second class will discuss proposed remedies that can be implemented quickly and without changing our constitution, should we desire to do so. The course content will be drawn from two recent books. "Why We're Polarized' by Ezra Klein and "Breaking the Two- Party Doom Loop" by Lee Drutman. These books are purely optional reading, but are quite interesting. Spoiler alert- One of the remedies will be a multi-party environment that requires compromise. It will be argued that such an environment will spring naturally out of a ranked-choice voting system.


Restructuring American Democracy
Presenter: Glenn Meyers Member tuition: $25.00
Sessions: 2 W – 12/2/2020-12/9/2020 Time: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Location: Online- OLLI from your Home , NH
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