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Dartmouth Summer Lecture Series 2022: Full Series   

Never, since 1860, has there been a more necessary time to address the challenges to our democracy. As the United States lurched toward the Civil War, we were confronted with many of the issues that once again rear their heads; a country hopelessly polarized; newspapers filled with untruths; the Electoral College, giving extra power to small, rural states; and possibly most significant, slavery, often called "America's Original Sin" about to bring the nation to war with itself and make race an issue that we would have to contend with up to this very day. Learn from noted thought-leaders in this six-session series.

Topics include:

  • July 7: The Crisis of American Polarization
  • July 14: Why America Needs a New Electoral System
  • July 21: Redefining the Meaning of Race in the 21st Century
  • July 28: Warning: American Media May be Detrimental to Democracy
  • August 4: The Decline of Democracy
  • August 11: Can America Govern Itself?
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