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Dartmouth Summer Lecture Series 2022: Warning: American Media May be Detrimental to Democracy   

As the American public is confronted daily by a flood of disinformation – content intended to mislead – some people may be surprised to learn that mainstream news media are contributors to this problem. Not only do digital newsrooms disguise paid content to look like news articles, but new research from Dr. Michelle Amazeen suggests that this modern form of advertising influences the real journalism that appears next to it. Amazeen’s talk will inform attendees about the origins and evolution of this media practice, how it affects audiences and the industry, and what the implications are for an accurately informed democracy. By better understanding the role of news organizations in perpetuating disinformation, the public can more critically consider the news content they consume.

Michelle A. Amazeen (Ph.D., Temple University) is Director of the Communication Research Center and an Associate Professor in the Department of Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations at Boston University. Amazeen’s research program examines mediated persuasion and misinformation, exploring the nature and persuasive effects of misinformation and efforts to correct misperceptions. She employs a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to yield results with practical applications for journalists, educators, policymakers, and consumers who strive to foster recognition of and resistance to persuasion and misinformation in media.

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