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Vietnam - The War: "It All Went Wrong"  

We all lived through the Vietnam War. Some of us served in uniform; some of us took to the streets in protest; and some of us just tried to get through our lives as best we could. Now, with 50 years of hindsight and access to previously secret files of our government, North Vietnam and the former Soviet Union, we will explore the war from both political and military perspectives, including: when, why and how we got involved; JFK's Green Beret buildup; the Tonkin Gulf incident; LBJ and McNamara's massive but gradual escalation - both on the ground and in the air; our disastrous "search and destroy" "body count" strategy; Tet and and its political consequences; Nixon's "secret plan", i.e. Vietnamization; And finally, our abandonment of the South Vietnamese people under Kissinger's guise of "Peace with Honor".


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