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Relational Database Concepts and Design   

In today's big data world, managing data efficiently requires analytical skills and the ability to use relational databases. This course introduces you to basic relational database concepts, terminology of relational databases and simple database design. Learn to design efficient relational databases using the principles of SQL. Topics include attaching and detaching a database, creating a database diagram and writing simple SQL statements.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and Windows proficiency; Excel, Access or other database experience highly recommended.

Recommended Textbook (available from Amazon)

  • Beginning SQL Server for Developers, 4th Edition, ISBN: 978-1484202814

For more information, please refer to our course outline.

This is the first required course in the SQL Server Certificate (4 Class Series) and the Data Analyst Certificate Part 1: SQL Server (4 Class Series).

The SQL Server Certificate is a prerequisite for the Data Analyst Certificate.

Note: Please bring a USB flash drive (minimum 2 GB) to in-person classes, so you can save your work.


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