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HR as a Strategic Partner  

The right people-management practices can make a significant impact on your organization’s success and give your organization a critical competitive advantage. In this interactive 6-hour workshop you’ll learn what is meant by “strategic HR”; discover tactics for making your HR department more strategic; and identify the competencies needed to get input and recognition from upper management. You will also work to differentiate tactical versus strategic-level approaches to talent management, compensation and benefits, and business activities such as mergers and acquisitions. 


Course Objectives: 

  • Identify how to make HR a strategic partner in your organization
  • Learn how to give tactical input to upper management 
  • Differentiate tactical versus strategic-level approaches to talent management 


Who Should Take This Course: 

  • HR professionals seeking to move up in a larger organization
  • HR professionals wanting to learn how to increase visibility to upper management
  • HR teams working to become a strategic partner within their organization 
  • Company leaders needing to develop better HR practices 



HR as a Strategic Partner

  • REGISTRATION FOR THIS CLASS IS CLOSED. This class is already in session.
    • Item #: Y911
    • Date: 7/27/2021 - 7/29/2021
    • Location Virtual Classroom
    • Room: Zoom
    • Address: , WA
    • Fee: $139.00
    • Instructor: Claudia Malone