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Introduction to Coding  

New technologies allow people outside of the computer science field to create their own web pages using code. In this online course, you will be introduced to the basics of computer programming and various programming languages. You’ll learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Java Script and the practical uses for each. You will also learn how to make a simple web page as well as draw, color and make simple animations using code.


Green River College Continuing Education has partnered with UGotClass to bring you online learning options that are educational, enjoyable and productive. You will engage with the instructor and other participants. It’s easy. It’s fun.


After you register, you will receive a web address to access your online classroom. Utilize the password you are given, and your email address, to gain access. If you haven't received an invitation by the Thursday before the course begins, please email, and they will forward a copy of the invitation to you.

Participate When You Want
  • You can participate any time of day or evening. The online classroom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • There are no live real-time requirements or meetings. You decide when you participate.
  • For the best learning, participants should log into the course on 2-3 different days of the week.
What You Will Do

For each unit, you will:

  • Access the online readings.
  • Listen to the audio presentation for the unit and view the slides.
  • Take a self-quiz to see how much you have learned.
  • Engage in written online discussion with your instructor and other participants.
  • For best learning, you should make one or more comments at 2-3 different times each day.

The content (readings, audio lectures, slides) and self quizzes are accessible for the entire course, so you can work ahead, or go back and review again, at your convenience.

  • The Discussion for each unit lasts one week. All comments are made in writing and can be made at any time of the day or night.
  • Your instructor will log into the Discussion Area at least once a day and answer questions, make comments, and respond to comments by you and the other participants.
  • We encourage you to make 2-3 comments each day to maximize your learning and enjoyment of the course.
Completion Requirements

1. Make at least one comment every week in the discussion.

  • The comment should show thought and be more substantive than just “Yes, I agree”.
  • There is no length required for comments.
  • Replies to other comments and responses to other participants count as comments (in most cases your instructor values replies and responses as comments).
  • Questions and online discussion facilitative comments also count as well as long as there is some thought to them.

2. Take every unit self-quiz.

  • Get a score of at least 80 percent.
  • Quizzes may be retaken as often as needed to get to the 80 percent level.

3. Follow the completion timeline

  • Complete the requirements by the last day of the course.
  • Individual instructors may extend the deadline upon request.
  • If, for any reason, you are not able to complete the requirements during the course, UGotClass is pleased to provide you with their Course Transfer Option. (You may retake any or all of the same UGotClass online courses within the next 12 months at no extra cost.) If you need a Course Transfer Option, please email UGotClass:
Recognition Awarded
  • For individual courses, a pdf transcript is issued showing completion.
  • For certificates and certification, a pdf certificate is issued showing completion.

Unit 1: Introduction to Programming

  • Types of Programming Languages
  • Practical Uses of Programing
  • Text Editors

Unit 2: Basic HTML/CSS

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Making a Simple Web Page

Unit 3: Drawing and Coloring Using Code

  • Elements of Java Script
  • Basic Drawing Using Code
  • Basic Coloring Using Code

Unit 4: Basic Animation Using Code

  • Uses of Animation
  • Animation Basics
  • Making a Simple Animation


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