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User Experience (UX) Design Fundamentals   NEW!

Design websites that maximize the users positive experience. In this project-based course, you will simulate the work of the design team in implementing user experience design principles when planning a website. You will create user personas and scenarios; site organization and task flows; storyboards, wireframes and prototypes; and conduct usability tests. This course provides a solid introduction to the principles and activities in the UX design field. Prerequisite: basic computer skills, proficiency with Windows and familiarity with the Internet

Required Textbook (available through Amazon)

  • Killer UX Design: Create User Experiences to Wow Your Visitors, First Edition, by Jodie Moule; ISBN-13: 978-0987153098

This is the first required course in the User Experience (UX) Design Certificate Part 1 (3 Class Series).

For more information, please refer to our course outline.

For complete details about our User Experience (UX) Design Certificate Program, visit our User Experience (UX) Design Certificate overview page.


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