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Paralegal Certificate Part 1: Paralegal Essentials  

Criminal and civil trials don’t just happen - they require careful planning, case management and analytical thinking on the part of the entire legal team. Gain a broad overview of the paralegal profession, so you can assist your team to a positive outcome in civil or criminal litigation. Topics: the responsibilities of the paralegal profession; ethics; legal terminology; court structures; introduction to legal writing; fee structure and timekeeping; introduction to civil litigation practices and documents; interviewing witnesses; and the discovery process.This is the first of three required courses in the Paralegal Certificate program. Prerequisite: High School Diploma or equivalent.

Required Textbook

The textbook for this course is available on Amazon in both new and used formats. If purchased new, plan on spending approximately $160 plus tax and shipping. The instructor will provide the textbook information on the first night of this course. It is not necessary to purchase this textbook before the course begins. This textbook will be utilized for the entire Certificate Program.

For more information, please refer to our course outline.

For complete details about our Paralegal Certificate, visit our Paralegal Certificate overview page.


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