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User Experience (UX) Design Certificate Part 2 (3 Class Series)  

Take the User Experience Design Certificate Part 2 (3 Class Series) at a discounted rate. Series includes the final three (of five) required UX Design Certificate courses: Responsive Web Design, Web Accessibility and the UX Design Certificate Capstone. (The Certificate may also be earned by taking the five courses individually.) Prerequisite: UX Design Certificate Part 1.

Series includes (30 total hours):

Recommended Textbooks (available through Amazon)

  • Killer UX Design: Create User Experiences to Wow Your Visitors, First Edition, by Jodie Moule; ISBN-13: 978-0987153098
  • Responsive Web Design (Brief Books for People Who Make Websites, No. 4), Second Edition, by Ethan Marcotte; ISBN-13: 978-0984442577

Note: Please bring a USB flash drive (minimum 2 GB) to class.

For complete details about our User Experience (UX) Design Certificate Program, visit our User Experience (UX) Design Certificate overview.


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