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Plein Air Painting in Oil: Outside and In   NEW!

Experience the exciting practice of painting what’s in front of you, outside or in, in the moment, real time, and in oils without the harmful solvents. Capturing moments of light, simplifying relevant shapes and color, and working quickly without stress are good practices. Inside (perhaps weather-depending), where light and subject matter may be somewhat controlled, the idea is the same: to focus on quick observation of light in composition. A $5 supply fee is paid to the instructor at the first class for other supplies provided. Required supplies for this program: • Class Supply List: • Hardcover, spiral-bound sketchbook preferred. H, HB, 2B pencils (approx. range), kneaded eraser. • Smart phone or camera. • Mixing palette, offset palette knife, • Brushes: ½” flat, ¼” flat, 1/8” flat, #4 and #0 round • small jar for walnut oil, roll of paper towels • Minimum Oil Colors: Large tube titanium white, Cad Yellow Hue Lt, Cad Red Hue, Magenta, Ultramarine Blue and/or Cobalt Blue, VanDyke Brown • Several canvases or canvas panels, 5 x 7 to about 8 x 10 • Apron or clothes appropriate for painting. • Latex or Nutrile gloves optional. • Bucket or container(s) to hold all supplies. • A pizza box or equivalent to safely carry wet paintings.


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