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Beginning Oil Painting Without Solvents   NEW!

Learn the easiest, luscious and most versatile medium of all without toxic solvents! With the fewest of supplies and most limited palette, begin to paint in oil, and build at your own pace from your own discoveries. Learn the handling of the medium, the mixing of colors, and the importance and principles of drawing of which are included in this course. A $5 supply fee paid to the instructor at the first class. Sketchbook, drawing pencils and kneaded eraser #6 Round #6 Flat #8 Flat Mixing palette knife (metal, with offset handle) Mixing palette board Titanium White A bright primary yellow A warm red (Cad red hue) A cool red (Quin Magenta) A primary blue (Cobalt or Ultramarine) Linseed oil and cup Walnut oil and canister Primed canvas pad (Larger is best, from which smaller ones can be cut) Paper towels. Clip board or other suitable board to place canvas.


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