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Watercolor Techniques and More   NEW!

Notwithstanding this recognizable but challenging medium, watercolor is taught here as an approachable exploration of the medium for teens to adults, beginners to advanced students. Learning the essentials of the medium prepares for the practice from which the variety, spontaneity and freshness of wonderful watercolor paintings can emerge. Beyond techniques, the “and More” includes the fundamental aspects of recognizing shape, value and contrast in a composition, and how to approach what to leave in and what to leave out. Supply List: Either cakes or tubes of watercolors in primary colors minimum: Cad Yellow, Cad Red light, Magenta, Ultramarine Blue. Optional colors may be earth colors (Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre), or specialty colors of interest (Cerulian Blue, Phthalo Blue, a brilliant violet, or any other brilliant color you love or that may be difficult to mix. A White mixing palette with cups, bevels or trays to pool mixtures. A #8 and #6 round brush (Black Gold by Dynasty are excellent), and a 1" flat brush. A hardcover, spiral-bound sketchbook. A hard (H or 2H) graphic pencil, and kneaded eraser. Two small containers for water A roll of paper towels. A pad of cold-pressed watercolor paper, 140 lb. weight, 11 x 15" or larger. A roll of painters tape.


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