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Real Estate Law   

Washington Real Estate Law

Washington Real Estate Law offers an overview of the legal aspects of real estate. This course discusses the laws governing the ownership and sale of real estate in Washington, examines common problems in real estate transactions, and provides examples from actual court cases. This class is 30 clock hours. Topics covered include:

  • the distinction between real and personal property
  • methods of land description
  • easements, liens, and other interests in real estate
  • forms of co-ownership
  • the law of real estate agency
  • earnest money agreements and other real estate contracts
  • deeds and title transfer
  • deeds of trust, mortgages, and foreclosure
  • zoning and other land use controls
  • taxation of real estate
  • fair housing issues
  • landlord/tenant law

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Real Estate Law
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This is an open-enrollment course. This means you may register for and begin that course at any time. Your online account will activate within a week* of your paid-in-full registration.

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