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Data Mining   

With Data Mining, businesses can extract hidden information and knowledge from large datasets and build models from historical data to predict future behaviors. In this course, you will learn to manipulate, process and clean the dataset using Python data analysis libraries; and perform statistical analysis on this mined and clean data to solve data analysis problems using real world scenarios.

Prerequisite: Data Analyst Certificate Part 2: Python Scripting

Recommended Textbook (Available on Amazon)

  • Python for Data Analysis: Data Wrangling with pandas, NumPy, and Jupyter 3rd Edition; ISBN-13: 978-1098104030

For more information, please refer to our course outline.

This is the first course in the Data Analyst Certificate Part 3: Exploratory Data Analysis (3 Class Series) and the sixth required course in the Data Analyst Certificate Program.

For complete details about our Data Analyst Certificate Program, visit our Data Analyst Certificate overview.


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