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Prime Time Nutrition Workshop: Heart Health   

So┬┐your doctor told you to lose some weight??? Chances are, your well-meaning doc may not have provided much practical guidance on how to accomplish this. If you have searched the library & internet and are overwhelmed by too much (and often conflicting) diet information, then join certified nutritionist Trish Jones for this Prime-Time Nutrition workshop where we will explore strategies to support you as you work with your doctor to address common chronic health issues. We will focus on nourishing your body for long term health while progressing towards your weight loss goals. We will share tips and discover recipes that will help you to make healthy choices at home for one or two people while maximizing time, budget and flavor! Each session will include a sample of a delicious dish that we will enjoy together. This is our first workshop in the series and will be focused on Hearth Health. [Note: This information is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for individual care from your medical provider(s).

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