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Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Summit    NEW!

The Hybrid/Electric vehicle training will familiarize technicians with Hybrid/Electric vehicle safety, components, systems, and diagnostics. The course will also cover what special tools are required and how to use the tools effectively. This course will include classroom and hands on activity.
Topics covered in course:
laws, safety procedures, personal protective equipment, rubber glove inspection, interlock system, electric motor design and operation, motor controls, motor testing, inverter operation and testing, DC to DC converter operation and testing, high voltage battery discharging, recharging, rebuilding, balancing, gear box deign, gear box disassembly and reassembly, regen braking operation and electric A/C compressors.
Systems designs:
Toyota-Honda-Nissan-GM -Ford systems, plug in hybrid system including charging stations.
Special Tools:
Technicians will learn the operation and use the following tools. High voltage discharge/charging station, AT34 specialized three phase motor tester, milliohm meter, megaohm meter, Pico scope, voltage isolator, amp clamps, ghost voltage eliminator, meter proving tool, and glove tester.
Scanner testing:
Technicians will have the opportunity to scan hybrid and electric vehicles. Technicians will identify PID’s that are unique to hybrid/electric vehicles.
Dyno Testing:
Dyno a hybrid while performing voltage and amperage test on the motor.
Technicians will familiarize themselves with safety practices and professional safety protection equipment.  Technicians will gain a better understanding of all hybrid and electric vehicle components, learn how these components are used in various systems. Technicians will become familiar with the special tools required to test hybrid and electric vehicle components. Technicians will also learn how to diagnose these systems with a scan tool more effectively.
Bring your laptop computer, safety glasses, notebook, pen, pencil and sharpie.