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Fundamentals of Banking   

This online course is taken as a three-part series, and is asychronous, which means you can participate whenever is convenient for you. There will be opportunities for direct interaction with the instructor and your fellow classmates. There are no live requirements, but there are specific completion deadlines. Each section is presented over a two-week period, with a week between sections to catch up, if needed.

Part one of the course is Principles of Banking. This section covers the fundamentals of the banking industry: the role of banks in the U.S. economy, banking products, industry regulations, careers in banking, and customer service. This section is ideal for new bankers or those seeking to gain an understanding of the financial services industry.

Part two of the course is Principles of Lending and Finance. It will cover the fundamentals of lending and finance within the banking industry, with a focus on consumer credit products and the lending process.

The final section of the course is Personal Finance. Topics covered include budgeting techniques, investing, using consumer credit, and purchasing personal capital assets.

This course was created in partnership with Opportunity Bank of Montana.


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