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Customized Training for Your Workforce   

Whether your company is new, growing, or retraining incumbent workers, our instructors are ready to meet your company's specific training needs.
Each business' needs and challenges are unique. We will work closely with your organization to assess your needs, then design and deliver programs how, when, and where you need them. Programs can be offered in a variety of ways: on-site or on campus, as single workshops or periodic training sessions, days or evenings, even weekends.

Customized Business Training for business, industry, government, and nonprofits:
• Customer service and soft skills
• Business grammar and technical writing
• Computer and specific software skills
• Time Management
• Welding and metal fabrication
• Certified Snap-On Tool Instruction

Talk to us about customizing a training program for your business.

We provide a customer-focused process with the end result of a qualified, motivated and productive workforce that will ensure both the initial and continued success of your organization. We work with you to identify your specific training needs.

Our strategy includes the following:
• ASSESS – Analyze the needs of the learners.
• DESIGN – Ensure the training matches the identified need.
• DEVELOP – Create learning events and materials that engage the learner and help them become active in their own learning process.
• DELIVER – Provide engaging training where the learner practices the new skills in a controlled environment.
• RESULTS – Evaluate the training, to ensure it accomplished the desired outcome.
Design and development of a customized training program will be a collaborative process to provide instruction tailored to meet your company's needs.

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