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Sports Nutrition Consultant Certification   

The AAAI/ISMA Sports Nutrition Certification is designed to help people understand basic and advanced nutrition concepts and equip them with the tools needed to discuss this information with others.

Upon successful completion of the course participants will be able to:

· Understand the roles proteins, fats and carbohydrates play in the body

· Discuss how proteins, fats and carbohydrates influence exercise.

· Understand and discuss the role of vitamins and minerals in the body.

· Understand how to read food labels

· Be able to discuss pro/con research for various dietary supplements.

· Be able to distinguish fact from fiction with respect to dietary supplements.

· Recognize side effects of dietary supplements.

Fitness professionals, as well as the general public, will gain knowledge and understanding of nutrition and its affects through this certification program.

Students can order the Nutrition Essentials by Joe Cannon ($29) by calling AAAI/ISMA at 609-397-2139 or online at aaai-ismafitness.com


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