ECG Telemetry Technician Certificate   

This course is designed to enhance the curriculum of current ECG students or those already EKG certified and is available to all RN’s, LPN’s, LVN's, Medical Assistants and Certified Nursing Assistants. Students will learn to interpret rhythms such as Atrial Fibrillation, Ventricular Tachycardia, Premature Ventricular and Atrial contractions, Type I, II and III heart blocks and many more.

The ECG course will cover the entire anatomy and physiology of the heart muscle and delve into the rhythmicity and excitability of cardiac tissue. Students learn to correlate the different heart medications to specific cardiac rhythms. As a member of the patient care team, the technician is responsible and accountable for proper notification of changes in cardiac rhythms and rates, which may necessitate treatment. Therefore, to ensure your success in the classroom and in the field, 2 hours of class time will be dedicated to improving study skills.

Textbooks and exam fee not included in tuition.

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