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Course Catalog > DCF Child Care Training Part II = 10 Hrs > School-Age Appropriate Practices

School-Age Appropriate Practices   

In order to use this course to meet the Part II requirement, individuals must complete this course and Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practice (5-hour: Online and Instructor-led) This course is designed for childcare professionals responsible for the care of children 5 to 12 years old. The course provides an overview of the need for quality care, stages of development, learning environments and experiences, methods for creating a positive, caring community of learners, positive guidance strategies, observation and assessment, relationships with families, and quality caregivers. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: * Describe how developmentally appropriate practice applies to school-age children * Identify the early childhood theories that apply to school-age children o Identify developmental alerts for school-age children * Explain the concept of play and how to encourage learning with school-age children * Define the elements an effective learning environment * Explain the importance of being a role model of acceptable behavior * Describe the benefits of building a classroom community