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Course Catalog > DCF Child Care Training Part II = 10 Hrs > Special Needs Appropriate Practices

Special Needs Appropriate Practices   

This course stands alone in meeting the Part II 10 hour requirement. (10-hour: Online and Instructor-led) This course is intended to help childcare professionals provide care to children who have disabilities, developmental delays, or intellectual gifts. The course includes an overview of the knowledge and skills that will help providers work with children, information about support network services available, and assists providers learn how to comply with federal and state laws. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: * Define inclusive childcare * Explain the legal requirements regarding childcare and serving children with special needs * Recognize typical and atypical development in children * Summarize family involvement principles * Describe most common issues and challenges in serving children with special needs * List local, state, and national agencies and organizations