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Crash Zone  

This course will instruct you in the proper techniques for creating comprehensive scale diagrams using the CadZone computer software currently owned by your agency.

Crash Zone is an in-depth, “hands-on” course where you will construct scale diagrams of various crash scenarios including the final resting positions of vehicles and road surface evidence. Crush damage and the direction of impact will also be covered. Completed diagrams will then be produced on a plotter or laser printer.

In addition, you will learn how to utilize data collected with laser mapping systems, such as LTI and Total Station, to create accurate, professional-looking diagrams suitable for courtroom presentation.

Topics Include

  • Creating scaled computer diagrams
  • Creating presentation images for explaining crash scenarios
  • Safeguarding the data while creating diagrams
  • Using baseline offset and triangulation methods to create diagrams
  • Using laser mapping data
  • Creating, modifying and placing symbols
  • Adding text and dimensioning
  • Creating separate layers for illustration
  • Measuring the distance and angles of pre- and post-impact trajectories
  • Extracting information for use in linear momentum and other equations
  • Creating time and distance illustrations
  • Importing and exporting images
  • Using basic photogrametry on imported images
  • Creating scale bars, title and legend boxes
  • Importing and exporting various file types
  • Creating basic 3D illustrations


Law enforcement and private traffic crash investigators, claims adjusters, engineers, attorneys, safety officers, military investigative personnel, animators and graphic designers

Course Length

40 hours

What to Bring

You must bring a scientific calculator with you.


The CadZone software is not included in the cost of the course; however, you will complete assigned animations using the software in IPTM’s computer lab

ACTAR Information

IPTM's Crash Zone course is eligible for 40 ACTAR CEUs.


This course is available by contract only. For more information, contact us at (904) 620-4786 or by e-mail at