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Fingerprint Classification and Comparison   

To properly classify and compare fingerprints, you must be well versed in the distinct characteristics of each type of print. Numerous “hands-on” exercises during this course will teach you how to identify fingerprint pattern types and classify ten print fingerprint cards using different classification systems.

You will learn about the three different groups of friction ridge patterns along with the characteristics of each group and its subdivisions. During practical exercises, you will study fingerprints to determine the friction skin ridge characteristics requirements for each of the groups.

We will discuss the three systems of fingerprint classification, Henry, N.C.I.C. and I.A.F.I.S., and the process for classifying prints under each. Utilizing the Henry system, we will also explain how to establish a fingerprint file for ease of retrieval.

Finally, we will discuss the process of comparing unknown fingerprints to a known record print. The requirements for establishing positive identification will be explored and we will explain the theory of automated fingerprint identification systems.

Topics Include

  • History of fingerprints
  • Fingerprint pattern type familiarization
  • Pattern classification determination
  • Fingerprint classification systems
  • Sequencing fingerprint cards
  • Finger, palm and felony (major) case printing
  • Print comparison and details used for comparison
  • Automated fingerprint identification systems


This course is designed for those who are currently active in the ten print fingerprint identification section as well as those who aspire to work as ten print analysts/technicians within a law enforcement agency. Agency members assigned to crime scene or investigative duty assignments who work directly with the processing and documentation of fingerprint patterns will also benefit from this class.

Course Length

40 hours


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