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Advanced Crash Zone  

This course will further enhance the diagramming abilities of those who currently use the Crash Zone software.

During the class, you will be presented with the 3-D (three dimensional) aspects of measurement and drawing. Since 3-D illustrations in the day-to-day analysis of crash and crime scenes are now widely accepted, exercises will be designed to promote 3-D thinking. Animation will also be explored and you will have the opportunity to create animations in the classroom.

Inasmuch as demonstrative evidence such as diagrams and presentations must meet certain requirements to be accepted in court, instructors will discuss their courtroom experiences and provide suggestions for presentation methods. You will be given the opportunity to perform the presentation of diagrams in multimedia formats.

will be instructed by lecture, visual demonstration, the use of classroom projects and other assignments. In addition to a discussion about problem areas that are typically experienced and encountered, you will be presented with new ideas and concepts as well as the latest software developments.

Topics Include

  • Review of basic program functions
  • Review of triangulation, baseline and reference points
  • General and 3-D mapping
  • Advanced command functions, measurement systems and coordinate systems XYZ
  • Advanced 3-D drawing
  • Creating 3-D roofs, roadways, structures and objects
  • Determining line-of-sight with 3-D
  • Placing evidence on walls for viewing in 3-D
  • Manual and automated placement of doors and windows
  • Slope measurements manual and automated calculations
  • Camera views in depth discussion and practice
  • Animation 2-D and 3-D
  • Court acceptance of diagrams and presentations
  • Downloading data from various devices (troubleshooting)
  • Creating maps from raw data (manual input)
  • Vehicle damage in 3-D


Law enforcement and private traffic crash investigators, claims adjusters, engineers, attorneys, safety officers, military investigative personnel, animators and graphic designers

Course Length

40 hours


You should have completed, at a minimum, a 40-hour Crash Zone or Crime Zone course as well as a basic crash investigation, crime scene investigation, fire scene investigation or forensic mapping course and have basic math skills. You should have a good working knowledge of the Crash Zone or Crime Zone software, be proficient in the basic commands and have a good understanding of the MS Windows operating system, computer file management, mouse and keyboard.

ACTAR Information

IPTM's Advanced Crash Zone course is eligible for 40 ACTAR CEUs.


This course is available by contract only. For more information, contact us at (904) 620-4786 or by e-mail at