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Traffic Stop Challenges  

During this fast paced course, you will learn how to overcome many of the unique situations you may encounter when conducting a traffic stop. We will teach you how to conduct safe, legally defensible traffic enforcement, and while doing so, recognize the body language or other conditions that may indicate that criminal activity is occurring.

We will begin by explaining what a traffic stop really is and the traffic laws which govern the foundation to conduct a stop. We will define the forms of illegal profiling and explain the elements of ethical traffic stop functions. You will learn to distinguish between legal law enforcement activities and those based upon other factors of bias profiling and we will examine how these actions affect us all.

As we discuss how to keep the stop from becoming uncontrolled, you will learn how to recognize certain behaviors of vehicle occupants and the role that body language means for officer safety and criminal activity. We will show you various observations during a stop which may give you reasonable suspicion that criminal activity may be occurring. And, through videos and photos from actual cases, you will see how these techniques can lead to contraband compartments and arrests.

Topics Include

  • Anatomy of a traffic stop
  • Traffic stop safety procedures
  • Illegal profiling and ethical traffic stop functions
  • Bias profiling
  • Controlling the stop
  • Vehicle occupant behavior
  • Observable conditions of criminal activity
  • The new DUI - Driving Under the Influence of Texting
  • Promoting positive traffic stop results


Patrol officers, specialized units that actively perform traffic stops and supervisors of units that actively perform traffic stops - Class is restricted to sworn law enforcement officers and those personnel assigned directly to law enforcement agencies.

Course Length

8 hours


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