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Performance Driven Leadership   

Leadership within public safety faces the challenge of how to motivate and manage employees throughout organizations. While progressive leaders seek performance driven employees, many work with those who perform their tasks with a sense of entitlement. This one-day course focuses on whether an individual was driven to performance or simply performs well enough to get by. Performance Driven Leadership™ is a leadership training program that will provide you with the skills to face the growing challenge of performance and the sense of entitlement within your organization.

The essence of true leadership is the ability to get the most out of every individual you are called to lead. This means that even when dealing with top performers, you must be prepared to issue challenges that will take these employees to an even higher level so that they will not fall back into the culture of accepting what is without pursuing what could be. This goes to the very core of the issue of succession management with public safety. The movement toward selecting the right individuals to become future leaders in a public safety organization is all about leading and driving employees toward performance.

Performance Driven Leadership™ will help you to:

  • Identify obstacles to leading performance
  • Move away from the status quo of management
  • Break away from entitlement status and become a driven leader
  • Feel empowered to lead employees to performance


Current supervisors and managers in public safety agencies or the private sector

Course Length

8 hours

What Are Student Are Saying

  • “Great course.” – A.C.
  • “Inspires critical thinking and self reflection. Great job!” – M.R.
  • “Very good.” – A.R.
  • “Excellent instructor, handout materials, audio-visual and book. Great speaker/wonderful.” – M.W.
  • “I would – and will – definitely recommend this course.” – K.S.

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