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Investigative Interview Techniques for Internal Affairs Officers   

This course will provide you with the necessary skills to conduct thorough interviews with complainants, witnesses and public safety agency personnel. It is designed to help you increase your ability to discern truth from deception.

We will instruct you on investigative qualities that an individual must possess in order to be an effective interviewer. We will discuss aspects of the human communication process and how interviewers can use this process to establish rapport and gain information from an interviewee. In addition, we’ll teach you the cognitive interview technique to enable you to obtain the maximum amount of information from witnesses.

Topics Include

  • Garrity and the interview process
  • Complete a personal listening profile
  • Preparing for and conducting interviews
  • Questioning technique scenarios
  • Verbal communication process
  • Methods of interviewing
  • Cognitive interview techniques
  • Body language and behavior betrayals


Officers assigned to administrative and internal affairs investigations; personnel assigned to professional compliance units; law enforcement and public safety administrators; and human resource and city/county managers who are involved in the investigation and background process.

This class is restricted to sworn and non-sworn law enforcement personnel and those assigned directly to governmental agencies.

Course Length

24 hours

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Very detailed; group exercises were very helpful in understanding what other agencies go through and how they related to my agency.” – D.E.
  • “The course was a great balance of lecture time and interactive group activities.” – K.P.
  • “Real life examples were excellent! The course material was relevant for a new investigator. The subject matter aligned with daily responsibilities of IA Investigator.” – Sgt. C.F.
  • “The course was very well designed and with the latest information. Both instructors were just amazing; from the theory to the practical applications they always kept the class of very senior officers interested at all times and wanting more.” – J.P.
  • “Outstanding course for internal affairs investigators and supervisors. The instructors presented the topics together and were knowledgeable with all topics covered. I would highly recommend this class to any IA personnel.” – Cpl. T.B.
  • “Excellent course – great scenarios – great materials to take home!” – Sgt. M.P.
  • “With 12 years of interviewing, utterly surprised that I learned a lot. This course touched on numerous aspects of learning, interview, deception, etc.; to include practicul and hands on exercises.” – Sgt. D.T.

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