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Special Event Planning and Management   

This course will provide you with the knowledge and basic skills to organize, plan, and process special events. Event planning can help provide for a safe and secure venue, reduce liability, and efficiently manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

We will review the basic Incident Command System (ICS) models that are most effective in managing various small to large scale events. We’ll provide you with current information on planning and use real world scenarios for instruction and analysis. You will be required to participate in interactive group exercises to plan an assigned event for evaluation and class discussion.

We will teach you where to find resources, examples, and information to plan an event accordingly and you will learn the importance of networking with internal and external entities to make an event successful. There will be discussion into “fixed” or pre-planned events that transition into “no notice” or dynamic/sudden events with an emphasis on the importance of training and experience in planning special events.

In addition, you will learn how to document the special event in an After Action Report to highlight the successes, challenges and suggested improvements for future events. Compliance with applicable accreditation standards will also be examined.

Topics Include

  • Overview of the National Incident Management Systems/Incident Command Systems (NIMS/ICS)
  • Incident action plans
  • Establishing partnerships
  • Developing successful production meetings
  • Establishing roles for staffing special events
  • Dynamic/sudden and fixed/pre-planned events
  • Application processes/permitting
  • Risk management/harm reduction theory
  • After Action Reports/accreditation standards
  • Group discussion/case study/practical exercises


Public safety, law enforcement, corrections, Fire Rescue, Emergency Management, Parks and Recreation, and private sector personnel

Course Length

24 hours

What to Bring

You are encouraged to bring a laptop for group activities.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Relaxed interactive environment was fantastic. Knowledge of instructors to approachability made for an enhanced learning experience.” – Admin. Sgt. E.B.
  • “Instructors brought a vast amount of practical experience to exemplify the concepts being taught.” – Lt. J.G.
  • “Overall knowledge from the course was excellent.” – M.S.
  • “This course had a lot of great material. It was nice that there was more than just LEO in class for their points of view.” – Cpl. T.N.
  • “Exceeded expectations. Very timely, well compiled and delivered.” – Capt. R.F.
  • “Very good, informative course. The instructors’ personal knowledge and experience helped to put things into a realistic perspective. Really broadened my knowledge of these particular topics.” – Sgt. M.J.
  • “Great course. Provided me with good resources and ideas. The book was great and the flash drive with all of the information is awesome. Instructors are well versed and knowledgeable.” – Lt. R.V.
  • “Great course. Subject material was on point. Instructor managed the time very well and were very knowledgeable.” – Master Dep. K.J.
  • “This course presented new concepts for running large scale events with partners.” – M.B.

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