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Special Issues in Internal Affairs Investigations  

Interactive group exercises are an integral part of this intensive course which will teach you how to overcome some of the more difficult challenges facing internal affairs investigators. We will explore the current trends and problematic areas that have emerged over the past five years and you will leave better equipped to handle these issues when confronted with them.

The course begins with the review of legislative and case law changes in the Florida Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights. You will learn how to handle issues involving compliance review hearings, integrity testing, body worn cameras, and freedom of speech. You will also learn how to address disciplinary trends involving social media, on-duty personal cell phone usage and the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).

Topics Include

  • Legislative and case law changes in the Florida Police Officer Bill of Rights
  • Compliance review hearings
  • Driver’s Privacy Protection Act
  • On-duty personal cell phone usage
  • Freedom of speech and the impact of social media
  • Police integrity testing
  • Body worn cameras


Experienced Florida internal affairs investigators, although out of state IA investigators will find 80% of the material useful

Course Length

16 hours

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “I wish I had this class when I first became a supervisor!!! Great Class!!!” – C.T.
  • “Current issues – excellent. Very good program, up to date, found to be relevant.” – Chief Dep. G.F.
  • “Cell phones and social media in I.A. investigations were most beneficial.” – Sgt. J.S.
  • “I found case law relevant to cell phones and body camera (perception differences) very interesting. All of the covered material was needed. Great job with the practical examples of pertinent issues/liability issues and which policies should really be in place for every agency. Thank you.” – Lt. S.C.
  • “Timely information on topics such as when agencies are allowed to access officer’s cell phone records and social media implications.“ – Sgt. N.I.
  • “Great instructor. Extremely well versed and great teacher!” – Cmdr. M.K.


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