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Concealment Areas within a Vehicle  

During this course, we will teach you how to safely locate and identify various hidden compartments commonly used in vehicles to illegally smuggle contraband. You will learn about common mistakes made during searches and how to systematically avoid missing a suspected area of the vehicle. We’ll show you how to properly collect, preserve, and process the evidence while maintaining the chain of custody.

We’ll discuss which tools, switches and other mechanisms criminals may use to conceal contraband. In addition, we will discuss smuggling patterns in the United States, illegal profiling, and constitutional issues surrounding searches.

Topics Include

  • Vehicle search techniques
  • Natural hidden compartments
  • Electronic hidden compartments
  • Gas tank compartments
  • Smuggling patterns in the United States
  • Illegal profiling issues
  • Evidence handling
  • Constitutional issues surrounding searching
  • Use of “by-pass” systems
  • Tools and other items needed for success
  • How to handle money seizures
  • Common mistakes made during a search


Patrol officers, specialized units that actively perform traffic stops and supervisors of units that actively perform traffic stops

Course Length

16 hours


This 16-hour course is an abbreviated version of IPTM’S 32-hour Criminal Patrol and Contraband Concealment Investigations course and focuses specifically on the areas of compartments and searches.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Very educational course, every officer should take this class.” – W. W.
  • “I benefited from the step by step examples, explanation.” – D.D.
  • “Changes my search tactics.” – R.W.
  • “I really liked the videos/picture of actual compartments.” – M.F.


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