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Forensic Evidence from Crash Fatalities  

In this course, you will learn best practices and procedures for the search, recovery and documentation of trace and otherwise difficult to locate forensic evidence from vehicles that have been involved in DUI, hit-and-run, pedestrian strike collisions, and those involving questionable occupant kinematics.

We will show you how to locate, collect and process trace and biological evidence from both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Using actual vehicle crash and pedestrian-involved case study examples, you will learn practical photography techniques for documenting this evidence.

You will learn about the most effective methods and use of equipment for discovery and interpretation of forensic evidence such as bloodstain patterns, orientation of hair and fiber, as well as the best practices for the recovering and packaging DNA evidence. The capabilities of state, federal, and private laboratories will also be discussed.

Topics Include

  • Basics of vehicle documentation photography
  • Forensic light sources
  • Search techniques utilizing light energy for trace evidence recovery
  • Evidence recovery and collection techniques
  • Touch DNA
  • Fingerprint development techniques
  • Bloodstain patterns


Traffic crash investigators, crime scene technicians, and all other personnel involved in the evidence recovery process from vehicle traffic crashes

Course Length

20 hours

What to Bring

  • Digital camera (SLR format preferred)
  • Memory cards
  • Card reader designed for the camera's memory card
  • Alternate light sources, if available (i.e. black light or forensic blue light)
  • Extra batteries for the camera and light sources
  • Battery charger
  • Work clothes for outside activities (including inclement weather)
  • Camera manual

ACTAR Information

IPTM's Forensic Evidence from Crash Fatalities course is eligible for 20 ACTAR CEUs.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Brought to light new techniques that can be very valuable to collision investigators.” – B.F.
  • “Excellent course!” – E.N.


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