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Economic Crimes Investigations: Current Trends   

Not only is fraud the fastest growing and most expensive crime in the U.S., it is also one of the most difficult to understand and investigate. This course explains the complexities of fraud investigations and arms you with a systematic approach and specific techniques for handling a wide range of financial and consumer fraud-related crimes.

In cases ranging from simple check fraud and identity theft to major offenses like mortgage fraud and embezzlement, you will learn how to determine what crime has occurred, who has jurisdiction, who to list as the victim, and what evidence to look for. We will show you how checks and credit cards are processed and expose the areas of vulnerability that are exploited by criminals. You will also learn the procedures, processes, and terms used by financial institutions so that you can better understand these organizations and investigate the crimes that occurred within their systems.

Because these crimes can be committed far away from the actual victim's location, you will learn the many resources that are available for multijurisdictional investigations. Experts from various agencies, including U.S. Postal Inspectors, State Attorneys Office, Florida Dept. of Agriculture, Financial Crimes Task Force, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, and Bank of America will discuss the role of the Postal Inspectors, Statewide Prosecutors, FBI, Secret Service and other government agencies, and explain the assistance they can bring to your investigation.

Topics Include

  • Impact of fraud-related crimes
  • Classifying and investigating the different types of fraud:
    • Forgery
    • Check fraud
    • Credit/debit card fraud
    • Identify theft
    • Mortgage fraud
    • Consumer fraud
    • Embezzlement
    • Counterfeiting
    • Internet/computer crimes
  • Jurisdiction
  • Evidence identification and collection
  • Case management
  • Subpoenas, search warrants and court orders
  • Prevention and networking


Patrol officers, criminal investigators, and economic crimes unit personnel who are responsible for conducting fraud investigations

This course is restricted to sworn and non-sworn law enforcement personnel.

Course Length

24 hours

What Our Students Are Saying About This Course

  • “I enjoyed every aspect of this course, to include the additional instructors as well. Mr. Lafferman was very knowledgeable about economic crimes and would field our questions and comments with current examples and previous experiences with his cases. I would recommend this course to any new or experienced detective.” – R.R.
  • "This is the only class I have found that can directly help my day-to-day financial crimes investigations. I will be recommending to other detectives." – Det. Z.B.
  • “Anthony is an excellent instructor and has a wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend this course to any of my peers.” – R.B.
  • “The instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about economic crimes. Also there was a good mix of audio, visual, written, and speaker presentations.” – KM
  • “Very informative. Glad I was able to attend.” – T.H.
  • “Each subject provided information which will benefit me and the cases I work. A++ course.” – Det. A.P.

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