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Basic Skills for New Supervisors  

Online instructor-led course conducted over six consecutive weeks.

Presented entirely online, this course will provide an examination of basic supervisory skills required for today’s criminal justice professionals.

Making the difficult transition from line officer to supervisor is not a move to be taken lightly. In order to be successful, a new attitude and new understanding must accompany the new responsibilities that come with the position. This course will provide you with the skills, knowledge and abilities to start your new leadership position with confidence.

As part of the course, we will conduct an in-depth examination of the new skills that are necessary when taking over a line supervision position, such as delegating assignments, evaluating employees, addressing unacceptable behaviors, counseling subordinates, and leading your team. You will be exposed to a wide diversity of supervisory functions and progressive philosophies as you network with fellow students from throughout the nation.


Sworn and non-sworn members of criminal justice organizations that are or wish to become line supervisors

Course Length

40 hours

Online Details

Online environment: This course is interactive, instructor-led, and divided into weekly modules. At the end of each week, the current module will close and a new module will open. This way, the entire class progresses through the materials together, just like classroom training. There are no provisions for you to skip modules or work ahead of the rest of the class.

This is not a self-paced course. Although there are no specific times that you must be online, you will be required to complete assignments each week by the deadlines posted within the course. Hence, you must be committed to the course and invest the time necessary for successful completion. You should plan to dedicate an average of five to eight hours per week to the course activities.

The instructors will be available by email and on discussion boards throughout the course. They will be your guides and will assist you with questions and advanced discussions at every step along the way.

Computer requirements: You will complete the course entirely online. A dependable broadband internet connection with a Windows or Mac computer is required. The textbook will be either shipped or delivered in an electronic format, so an Amazon Kindle device, or the ability to install the free Amazon Kindle app on a PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device is needed.

This course is not eligible for certificate discounts.


Basic Skills for New Supervisors
    10/8/2018 to 11/18/2018 Online    
Instructor(s):  Allan Kolak Fee: $595.00
Note: Because this online course requires materials to be shipped and/or ordered in advance, a $50 late registration fee will be assessed to any registrations received within 10 days of the class start date.