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Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for Law Enforcement   

This recently updated course will provide the line officer with specialized training to recognize modern forms of cannabis as well as detect the unique impairment clues that are presented by cannabis users. We will provide you with an overview of cannabis physiology, administration routes, durations of effects, and modernization including synthetics.

You will learn about cannabis impairment-related driving cues and examine field sobriety exercises that reveal behaviors commonly observed and indicators of cannabis impairment. We will discuss some of the legal challenges including hemp vs. marijuana.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be better prepared to detect drivers that are impaired by cannabis usage and how to investigate, document, and prepare effective cases for prosecution.

Topics Include

  • Cannabis physiology
  • Cannabis modernization
  • Cannabis effects
  • Cannabis and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • Cannabis and legal challenges


Patrol officers, DUI investigators and supervisors, prosecutors

This class is restricted to active law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys employed by governmental agencies.

Course Length

8 hours

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