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Managing the Patrol Function: A Data Driven Approach   

This course takes a comprehensive examination of police patrol operations and the use of data to direct patrol activities. It views patrol as an integrated system that includes available resources, strategies and tactics, policy considerations, and community input. We will direct your focus to various data driven concepts that utilize police recorded systems and hot spot mapping of crime and traffic data to improve operational outcomes.

During class discussions, we will identify trends affecting law enforcement operations in the future. We will also pinpoint events that could significantly affect law enforcement while recommending the necessary actions to be taken. You will be given the opportunity to explore the various options of patrol management while sharing information on related programs and activities.

The course uses both lectures and small group exercises to assist you in developing a more effective and efficient patrol operation. The exercises include a leadership assessment that will be used to affirm and strengthen your leadership abilities. You will also take part in a staffing and deployment project that will require you to develop a solution and make a formal presentation in a staff review setting.

Topics Include

  • Role of the patrol manager
  • Motivation and performance driven thinking
  • Managing generational differences
  • Managing change
  • Promoting proactive patrol
  • Performance-based approach to patrol staffing and deployment
  • Identifying managerial styles (DiSC)
  • Innovative budget strategies
  • Comp stat and a Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS)
  • Crime analysis and traffic hot spot mapping


Police supervisors, middle managers, data analysis personnel responsible for staffing and deployment of law enforcement personnel

Course Length

40 hours

What to Bring

You are encouraged to bring a laptop for group activities.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Relevant information on utilizing current manpower to address problem areas. Instructors are well versed in topics, with plenty of personal experience to validate material taught.” - Lt. S.W.
  • “Great class, really appreciate the availability of the instructors, and their willingness to assist with internal agency issues.” – Sgt. K.K.
  • “I enjoyed the course and felt it was very informative. Both instructors were very professional, courteous, and extremely experienced.” – Sgt. J.G.
  • “I liked the topics and how they were taught. Useful content, good lectures and it was great to do the DISC. Glenn is very knowledgeable and shared great examples. Teri’s style of teaching was awesome. Great instructors!” – Lt. C.N.
  • “The group discussions were very beneficial. Great class!” – Sgt. J.M.

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