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Middle Management   

This is an advanced course designed specifically for middle managers who wish to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of project development and management. 

You will complete a personality profile assessment and use it to develop team building in your agency.  You will then be required to complete a self-assessment to learn how your leadership style can be used to both influence and motivate subordinates.  You will learn how to identify the qualities of an effective leader and the proper blending and use of the three leadership styles.

We will examine the responsibilities required of middle managers such as planning, organizing, directing, implementing, and evaluating.  You will become familiar with the relationships between executive management, the middle manager, and the line supervisor and review organizational charts, positions descriptions and budgets to compare the similarities and differences in the roles and functions of middle managers in various criminal justice agencies.

We’ll also discuss the impact that a lack of ethics can have on the criminal justice system and how the failure of leadership to resolve ongoing issues of corruption, racism and brutality can cause a sense of police apathy or outright hostility by the public.  You will see why media criticism has led to the recognition of the need for change and the pursuit of criminal justice professionalism, based on national standards of ethics and training.

Lectures will be accompanied by class discussions and projects.  Working in a synergistic group environment, you will be required to reorganize your agency due to a budget reduction, create a revised budget and present your group’s recommendations regarding the reorganization project.

Topics include:
•  Ethics
•  Leadership styles
•  Interpersonal skills
•  Program planning
•  Problem solving
•  Budgeting and policy development
•  Decision making
•  Media relations
•  Personal profile system
•  Communication

Requirements:  You should bring a laptop computer with Word, Excel and PowerPoint with you to class.  You will also be required to bring the following information to the first class:
   • Copies of your agency’s job descriptions for first-line supervisors and middle managers as applicable
   • Your agency’s organizational chart
   • Your assigned unit’s/division’s budget

Prerequisites: IPTM’s Police Line Supervision (Line Supervision) and either Program Development and Leadership for Law Enforcement Managers (Developing Law Enforcement Managers) or Comprehensive Traffic Safety Program Development (Supervising a Selective Traffic Law Enforcement Program) courses or comparable course of instruction with a strong foundation in project development and management

Audience:  Police supervisors, middle managers, administrators or civilian law enforcement personnel involved with organizational structuring, budgeting, performance appraisal development and job description evaluation

Course length:  40 hours

If you are registering anyone other than yourself,

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