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Comprehensive Traffic Management   

This course will provide innovative strategies that will help you create a comprehensive traffic safety program in your community using education, engineering, enforcement and empowerment. We will examine leadership styles and methods which use multi-disciplinary approaches for traffic leadership development.

The importance of traffic engineering and crash causation factors will be examined as we identify the most vulnerable road users. You’ll learn how to use a data driven approach to identify traffic problems so that you can develop successful traffic calming measures. In addition, you will learn ways to build community partnerships through traffic safety and public education.

In a discussion of resource management, we will examine the grants and other funding sources that can be accessed to build sustainable programs. We will also look at the latest technologies and the impact that they may have on your programs.

As part of the course, you will be eligible to receive a training certification in Traffic Incident Management Systems.

Topics Include

  • Overview of traffic safety
  • Building community partnerships through traffic safety
  • Media relations and public education
  • Crash causation factors
  • Large truck and bus enforcement
  • Traffic Incident Management Systems (certification)
  • DDACTS and other data-driven models
  • Resource management, grants and other funding sources
  • Impact of technology
  • Specialty traffic units, initiatives, and special events
  • Looking beyond the traffic stop
  • Developing a traffic safety culture
  • Developing traffic safety standards


Law enforcement, public safety managers, line supervisors, middle managers, administrators or civilian personnel with traffic program or project development, leadership and oversight responsibility

Course Length

40 hours


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