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Dealing with the Difficult DUI (Online)  

Independent study course conducted over eight hours.

Presented entirely online, this course will teach you ways to effectively deal with difficult and unusual DUI cases. You will learn pre- and post-arrest procedures for a number of challenging scenarios including traffic crash cases, drug or medical impairment, combative subjects, and more.

The role of eye examinations in disclosing the possibility of impairment will be discussed along with medical conditions that can produce common impairment indicators. We will examine the issues relating to Implied Consent as well as the subject’s compliance to requests for SFST’s and/or chemical testing. In addition, we will explain specific legal issues associated with these challenging cases and how to work with your DRE on drug-impaired driving cases.

Topics Include

  • Medical condition excuses in the context of DUI enforcement
  • The role of eye examinations in disclosing the possibility of impairment
  • Medical conditions and other situations that can produce similar signs of impairment
  • Traffic crashes and the process of DUI enforcement
  • Compliance to requests of SFSTs and/or chemical testing
  • Implied consent issues
  • Drug Impaired Driving (DRE cases)
  • Appropriate procedures for dealing with drug-impaired or medically-impaired suspects
  • Eye conditions/excuses
  • Legal issues associated with impaired driving
  • Pre- and post-arrest procedures for difficult DUI offenders
  • Scenario-based instruction
  • Traffic stop location/SFST location
  • Passenger issues


Patrol officers, DUI investigators and supervisors, prosecutors, Drug Recognition Experts, and others who must deal with DUI suspects

This course is restricted to active duty law enforcement only.

Course Length

8 hours


You should have successfully completed a 24-hour DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) course.

Online Details

Online environment: This is an independent study, self-paced course. Although there are no specific times that you must be online, you will be required to complete assignments by the deadlines posted within the course. Hence, you must be committed to the course and invest the time necessary for successful completion. You should plan to dedicate approximately eight hours to the course activities. Course must be completed within 30 days upon enrollment.

Computer requirements: You will complete the course entirely online. A dependable broadband internet connection with a Windows or Mac computer is required.

This course is not eligible for certificate discounts.


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