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Career Development: Cultural Competence in Law Enforcement  

“If I knew then what I know now . . .”

Preparing for a successful career in law enforcement begins on day one, but many come to realize that too late in their careers. That’s because your reputation for teamwork, communications skills and attitude have already been established. And, that reputation will either open or close doors throughout your career. Which way that door swings is up to you.

So why let your soft skills sabotage your career? Why focus only on the technical skills of the job and overlook the personal and professional development that can literally affect your entire career?

In this new one-day course, you will learn from the experts that administer promotional testing across the country. They will focus on the biggest weakness that surfaces during assessments: the skill of cultural competence. During the class, you will get an overview of this important skill along with the necessary steps to improve it. Among the topics are DISC Personality Assessment, attitude, teamwork, stress management and leadership, and their roles in each stage of your career.

Topics Include

  • DISC Personality Assessment
  • Work quality
  • Attitude
  • Stress management
  • Teamwork
  • Audience

    This class is designed for everybody from new officers to prospective supervisors. It will be especially useful for training officers and FTOs who bear the responsibility of preparing officers from that very important day one.

    Course Length

    8 hours


    Participants must be sworn law enforcement officers/agents, or non-sworn law enforcement support personnel employed by a federal, state, local or tribal agency.

    IPTM is proud to partner with The Sawgrass Group
    to offer this course focused on the needs of today’s
    law enforcement professionals.

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