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Recruitment, Hiring and Retention Essentials for Today's Law Enforcement  

Develop your workforce for your community.

Public safety organizations need an effective way to balance workforce diversity that mirrors the community they serve. Recruiters, hiring managers and administrators face unique challenges in recruiting, hiring and retaining employees. This new three-day course will provided you with effective recruitment strategies and tools that you can immediately implement to recruit, select, and retain qualified officers.

You will learn the basics of developing effective recruiting and hiring programs, retention strategies, the Five Phase Model of Recruitment, legal foundations, practical applications, and reliable ways to effectively create a diverse workforce without sacrificing quality. We also will show you how to overcome hiring challenges in a market that appears to have a diminishing number of talented, suitable applicants.

Topics Include

  • The changing workforce
    • Recruiting minorities and diversifying the workforce
    • Identifying barriers to effective recruiting, selection and hiring
  • Selection criteria: Who should you be hiring?
    • Traits
    • Qualities
    • Behaviors
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Abilities
  • Recruitment strategies
    • Who are your recruiters?
    • Do you have a plan?
  • Five Phase Model of Recruitment
    • Internal analysis
    • External analysis
    • Strategy development
    • Implementation
    • Evaluation
  • The hiring process
    • Examining your required screening protocols:
      • The written exam
      • Physical fitness test
      • Oral interviews
      • Personal history questionnaire
      • Background investigation
      • Entry-level assessment center
      • Polygraph, medical, and psychological examinations
    • Bias in selection and screening protocols
  • Legal foundations of HR management
    • Consequences of ineffective recruitment, selection and hiring processes
    • Minimizing liabilities in the HR process
  • Retention strategies
  • Practical applications and case study
    • Statement analysis/Truth verification
    • Non-verbal indicators
    • Soliciting a statement


Law enforcement, corrections and public safety personnel, and human resources officials responsible for hiring law enforcement officers

Course Length

24 hours


Applicants must be sworn law enforcement officers/agents or law enforcement support personnel employed by a federal, state, local or tribal agency or department who have first-line supervisory responsibilities or who are preparing for advancement to a supervisory position.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “I was sent here by my agency not really expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised.“ – Lt. W.C.
  • “The course prepares a new recruiter for the challenges and provided key information on tracking your success.” – Ofc. J.R.
  • “Overall excellent class! Group work was beneficial. Would recommend to other recruiters of any agency!!!” – Cpl. L.C.
  • “The instructor is clearly a subject matter expert & he greatly enhanced my knowledge & understanding of ADA and EEOC in particular. I’m very glad I took this class & would jump at the
  • chance to take his classes in the future. He is an excellent instructor.” – Inv. N.M.
  • “Very engaging and knowledgeable instructor; well prepared and organized.” – K.L.
  • “Great course, great location, valuable information” – Sgt. J.K.
  • “Enjoyed working as a team, networking, games/competition kept the class entertaining and the material fun.” – Sgt. D.R.
  • “Instructor utilized realistic examples and case studies to assist learning. Brent also encouraged questions and dialog. I enjoyed this class a lot.” – Lt. J.Z.
  • “Very good course. Enjoyed if very much.” – Lt. P.C.

IPTM is proud to partner with The Sawgrass Group
to offer this course focused on the needs of today’s
law enforcement professionals.

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