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Interviewing Techniques for Traffic Enforcement Officers   

Using real-time, in-car video, you will learn techniques that can improve both your interviewing abilities and your safety during traffic stops. The skills you acquire may lead you to the discovery of other possible crimes, as you become proficient in eliciting more information from drivers and occupants.

We will teach you how to observe and interpret the verbal and non-verbal clues exhibited by the vehicle’s occupants. You will learn how to detect deceptive body language, how severe stress works to your advantage and how to build rapport with the interviewees. We will discuss proxemics and help you understand how to properly use this powerful theory. We will also reveal dangerous expressions that can indicate an imminent threat to your safety.

This course may help improve your interviewing skills in other areas of law enforcement work.

Topics Include

  • The need to get more information during a traffic stop
  • Deceptive body language during traffic stops
  • Severe stress: How it works during traffic stops
  • Rapport: How it helps officers get more information
  • Recall channels: How they help officers get more information
  • Releasing behaviors: What message are they sending?
  • Verbal clues
  • Non-Verbal clues
  • Dangerous flag expressions
  • Proxemics: Understanding how to use it during traffic stops


Law enforcement officers assigned to traffic enforcement and other uniformed officers who do traffic enforcement

This course is restricted to sworn and non-sworn law enforcement officers.

Course Length

16 hours


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