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Advanced Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for Law Enforcement (Online)   

This is an online independent study, self-paced course.

In this course, we will examine the latest forms of cannabis, medicinal laws (Compassionate Use), legal and illegal forms as well as advanced impaired driving detection techniques. We will build upon the topics discussed in IPTM’s Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for Law Enforcement (Online), including physiology, duration of effects, administration routes and impairment cues.

You will learn about the evolving forms of cannabis, including tinctures, THC-A, vaping, and more potent forms such as dabs. We will examine Compassionate Use (medicinal marijuana laws, including common terminology; discuss how to identify medicinal marijuana and its distributors; and explore the legal impact on patients and law enforcement. We will discuss advanced cannabis impairment-related driving detection options, including proper administration of SFSTs, modified Rhomberg Balance, Finger-to-Nose and Lack of Convergence tests.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be better prepared to detect drivers that are impaired by cannabis usage and how to investigate, document, and prepare effective cases for prosecution.

Topics Include

  • What’s new in cannabis
  • Compassionate Use (Medicinal Marijuana Laws)
  • Florida’s Marijuana Database
  • Cannabis impairment and research findings
  • Advanced impairment tools


Patrol officers, DUI investigators and supervisors, prosecutors

This class is restricted to active law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys employed by governmental agencies.

Course Length

8 hours


You must have successfully completed IPTM's Marijuana Impaired Driving Detection for Law Enforcement before attending this course.


This is not a grant-funded course.

Online Details

Online environment: This is an independent study, self-paced course. Although there are no specific times that you must be online, you will be required to complete assignments by the deadlines posted within the course. Instructors are available to answer your questions during each module via the help forum.

You should plan to dedicate approximately eight hours to the course activities. You must be committed to the course and invest the time necessary for successful completion. The course must be completed within 30 days upon registration. Once the 30-day period has ended, you may no longer have access and be required to re-enroll. Additional fees may apply.

Computer requirements: You will complete the course entirely online. A dependable broadband internet connection with a Windows or Mac computer and Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) are required.


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