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Suicide Investigation  

Proving suicide can be a daunting task for the investigator due to factors such as family denials, scene interference, insurance issues, and the basic stigma surrounding an intentional self-inflected death. This course is specifically designed to help you overcome these difficulties by providing you with the skills necessary to thoroughly and properly investigate the death and to recognize and document all indicators of suicide. Your thorough investigation can be the sole basis for a Medical Examiner/Coroner to rule the manner-of-death as suicide.

The reasons one decides to take his or her own life can be psychological, biological, social or a combination of the three. We will explore each of these reasons in-depth. We will also cover the physical possibility of suicide – i.e. could the deceased have physically killed themselves, the most common methods employed, and the development of intent.

Classroom lectures and “case analysis” exercises will be used to teach you the proper steps to take when investigating suspected suicides. You will also be given a number of recommendations for dealing with the family of the victim of suicide.

Topics Include

  • Reasons for family denial of suicide
  • Dealing with the family of the decedent
  • Determining the physical possibility of suicide
  • Developing and detailing all indications of intent on the part of the decedent
  • Developing motive
  • The most common methods of suicide
  • Importance of determining the body position when a firearm is utilized
  • Differentiating between an intentional hanging and an autoerotic death
  • Reasons why a person may commit suicide
  • The biological, psychological and sociological perspectives of suicide


Patrol officers, newly assigned and seasoned detectives, investigations supervisors, crime scene technicians, medical examiner and coroner investigators, military investigative personnel

Course Length

16 hours

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Our instructor made the class! A very graphic and tough course, but instructor was both knowledgeable and added comic relief.” – Ptl.
  • “This was a very informative class. There are not many like this that cover the investigation aspect of suicide. The case studies are very useful.” – Ofc. S.K.
  • “Best class I’ve attended at our state training center.” – Sgt. M.G.
  • “Very well-presented class.” – Det. R.B.
  • “Thank you for an interesting class. Instructor did a great job at balancing out lecture and cases.” – C.S.I. A.C.
  • “I learned something new from each section and class participation. It was all beneficial. This is the best teacher I’ve ever had at our state training center.” – T.S.


Suicide Investigation
    10/15/2019 - 10/16/2019 Jacksonville  Florida    
Class times:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee: $495.00
Hotel and Location Information:  IPTM - University of North Florida
Adam W. Herbert University Center, 12000 Alumni Drive, Jacksonville, FL  32224
Instructor(s): Russell Strickland