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Conducting Criminal Investigations Beyond a Reasonable Doubt   

Effective courtroom testimony preparation begins at the scene of the crime. This course is designed to teach you how to investigate each case as if it will be tried in a court of law–not just for probable cause, but for beyond a reasonable doubt. You will learn how to properly document your investigations, from report writing and statements to scene documentation; various methods of interviewing in conjunction with the evidence code; and court hearings and strategies for testifying.

We will teach you how to effectively build a case with interviews, evidence gathering (videos, surveillance systems, written and recorded statements) and evidence codes as well as how to write effective police reports that will avoid motions to suppress and defeat most common defense cross examination tactics. We will teach you how to properly document both the crime scene and the people involved in the crime, and to preserve evidence for trial.

We will explore the different types and stages of court hearings and you will learn how to testify at depositions, hearings, motions to suppress, direct and cross examinations. We will teach you how to effectively prepare for trials and hearings, how to answer the prosecutor’s questions, and ways to combat defense attorney tactics.

To successfully complete the course, you will prepare and present the results of the direct and cross examination practical exercise and participate in mock trial testimony.

Topics Include

  • Investigating beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Investigating to disprove the defense theories of alibi, mistake, self-defense, etc.
  • Investigating and documenting to avoid cross-examination issues and motions
  • Using cell phones, cell sites and video surveillance
  • Preparing exhibits for trial
  • Pre-trial preparation with the prosecutor
  • Courtroom demeanor and attire
  • Testifying on direct and cross examination
  • Mock trial exercises


Patrol officers, newly assigned and seasoned detectives, investigations supervisors, crime scene technicians, medical examiner and coroner investigators, military investigative personnel, and non-sworn personnel who must effectively testify in court proceedings.

This course is restricted to sworn and non-sworn law enforcement and medical examiner personnel.

Course Length

16 hours


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