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2021 Symposium on Traffic Safety Snapshot (VoD)   

This Video on Demand collection from IPTM’s 2021 Symposium on Traffic Safety includes eight breakout sessions that were individually recorded and professionally produced. If you were unable to attend the conference, you can now access these cutting-edge topics from industry leaders in impaired driving and crash investigation. As a bonus, we have also included the powerful opening and closing keynote presentations.

Sessions Include

Crash Investigation:

Impaired Driving:

BONUS Keynote Presentations!

  • The Road Less Traveled (Chief Brett Railey Ret.)
  • Two Rights Don't Make a Wrong (Kyle Clark, National Manager of the IACP DECP)


These VoDs were individually recorded, professionally produced breakout sessions from the 2021 Symposium on Traffic Safety. You can also register for each VoD separately.


Patrol officers, DUI investigators, military police, crash investigators, private crash reconstructionists, prosecutors, and Drug Recognition Experts

Course Length

15 hours

Online Details

Online environment: Videos on Demand (VoDs) provide comprehensive, subject-specific information and must be viewed within 30 days upon registration. Once the 30-day period has ended, you may have limited access and be required to re-enroll. Additional fees may apply.

Computer requirements: You will complete the course entirely online. A dependable broadband internet connection with a Windows or Mac computer and Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) are required.

This course is not eligible for certificate discounts.


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