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Homicide Investigation  

Whether you are the first responder or the lead investigator, this course will give you the knowledge and skills to thoroughly and professionally investigate any possible homicide situation.

We will show you the various types of homicides that you may encounter and common approaches to each. You will learn a systematic process for handling the crime scene, from the initial approach through scene documentation and evidence collection. And, you’ll see how the latest technology and forensic sciences can assist you in your investigation.

Beyond the crime scene, you’ll also learn about criminal profiling, interrogation techniques and how to handle the news media’s involvement.

Topics Include

  • Death scene preservation
  • Duties of the first officer on the scene
  • Investigative procedures at the death scene
  • Team approach to death investigations
  • Autoerotic death investigations
  • Causes and manner of death
  • Time of death determination
  • Criminal personality profiling
  • Organized vs. disorganized crime scenes
  • Death scene search techniques
  • Handling the news media in death investigations
  • Suicide investigations
  • Homicide interrogation techniques


Patrol officers, newly assigned and seasoned detectives, investigations supervisors, crime scene technicians, medical examiner and coroner investigators, military investigative personnel

Class is restricted to sworn law enforcement officers and those personnel assigned directly to law enforcement agencies.

Course Length

40 hours


For Florida Officers, this course will not qualify for Salary Incentive Credit for FDLE course "Injury and Death Investigation."

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What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Presenters have a wealth of knowledge and present it in a way that is captivating. They inspire confidence.” – Det. F.R.
  • “Being able to actually see the photographs of the scenes and having the instructors walk us through each scene provided me with a better understanding of what actually occurred.” – P.N.
  • "Course was well designed and included case examples. Learned methods that can be practically applied immediately.” – J.I.
  • “From all my years in law enforcement thus far I rate this class as my best class taken.” – Inv. E.T.
  • “Studying different homicide incidents exposed me to additional scenes that I had not experienced.” – Det. L.W.
  • “This course has you think outside of the box and was more in-depth than any related course I’ve taken.” – Inv. B.G.
  • “This is probably the best outside training I have ever received since employed. If I could go through it again in about six months I would. Great class with great instructors. I leave here with more than I came with. Thank you.” – Master Trooper/Det. T.R.


Homicide Investigation
    7/29/2019 - 8/2/2019 Scott Louisiana    
Class times:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee: $795.00
Location Information:  Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office
Room TBD,  1825 West Willow Street, Building 2 Scott, LA 70502-3508

Homicide Investigation
    8/26/2019 - 8/30/2019 Altamonte Springs Florida    
Class times:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee: $795.00
Location Information:  Altamonte Springs Police Department
Training Room,  225 Newburyport Avenue Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Instructor(s): Edward Judy

Homicide Investigation
    10/14/2019 - 10/18/2019 Conyers Georgia    
Class times:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee: $795.00
Location Information:  Rockdale County Sheriff's Office
Room TBD,  911 Chambers Drive Conyers, GA 30012

Homicide Investigation
    10/21/2019 - 10/25/2019 Frisco Texas    
Class times:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee: $795.00
Location Information:  Frisco Police Department
Room TBD,  7200 Stonebrook Parkway Frisco, TX 75034
Instructor(s): Bruce Herring

Homicide Investigation
    11/4/2019 - 11/8/2019 Tempe Arizona    
Class times:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee: $795.00
Location Information:  Tempe Police Department
Apache Substation,  1855 East Apache Blvd. Tempe, AZ 85281
Instructor(s): Edward Judy

Homicide Investigation
    12/2/2019 - 12/6/2019 Jacksonville  Florida    
Class times:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee: $795.00
Hotel and Location Information:  IPTM - University of North Florida
Adam W. Herbert University Center, 12000 Alumni Drive, Jacksonville, FL  32224
Instructor(s): Edward Judy